Product Review for Milo’s Kitchen dog treats! Made in the USA!


Our house no stranger  to Milo’s Kitchen dog treats.  We have purchased them for our dogs many times before, and they have always loved Milo’s Kitchen products.   So when I had the chance to review their products for my blog, I jumped at the chance.

We received a nice box with 3 different flavors of treats.  We received Grilled Burger Bites, Chicken Grillers, and Steak Grillers.  I can’t actually tell you which one they preferred, because honestly, they went wild over every single one.

I like to set the treats on the floor and get them all excited about their goodies.


First I opened the grilled burger bites, and of course, Molly sticks her whole face in the bag!   She does not waste any time.  Cody watches on, and patiently waits for his turn.


Annabelle is the Queen Bee.  She was our very first Chihuahua, and the most finicky one of them all.  When we first adopted her, it was so difficult to get her to eat anything that we had to get special food from the vet.    Thankfully those days are over.  And while she’s still a little finicky, when she likes something she really likes it!  And she loves Milo’s Kitchen treats!


I let Cody have the first Steak Griller, and his expression was priceless.   His eyes are bigger than his stomach!  Cody is our 5lb Chihuahua, the smallest of them all. And he has quite the appetite for such a little guy.  He loves his treats!




Miss Molly tried just sneaking away with a whole bag when I wasn’t looking!  Apparently, her favorites were the Steak Grillers.


Or maybe they were the Grilled Burger Bites.  She tried chewing through the entire package.


We might call her a Princess, and her tag says Princess, but when it comes to food, she’s a beast!  No one messes with her treats.


I went to give another one to Annabelle and Noah snuck right in and took it before she could get it!

milo10 You know they really love a food or treat when they start fighting over them!   Our dogs wouldn’t stop begging for more, and as you could see, even tried swiping them from some of the others.

I love Milo’s Kitchen treats because the #1 ingredient in their treats are beef or chicken, they have NO artificial flavors or colors, and most importantly, they are made right here in the good ol’ US of A!   There are so many food recalls and foods from other countries that are killing our pets, you have to be very careful what you feed them.  For a while I was feeding them my own hand made food and treats because the pet food recalls were just too scary and too frequent.

Check out their website and sign up to get news, offers, coupons and more right to your email address!  They are on Facebook, too!

Disclosure:  I received product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.  All comments are my own.


Walmart RCA 19″ LED-LCD HDTV just $109 shipped!


Walmart deal of the day!

Today you can purchase this RCA 19″ Class LED-LCD 720p 60Hz HDTV, (1.8″ ultra-slim) for just $109.00 shipped!


Product Review: USA made Duck jerky dog treats & Minties!


Who wants a treat?!

That’s all I need to say and it sounds like a herd of elephants running through the house to run to the treat-giver. Our dogs get very excited about receiving mail, because they get all the good stuff!  They see boxes and it’s usually for them lately!   But I’m not complaining, because I love to spoil our dogs and it brings me joy to see them getting so excited for their goodies.

In this shipment, we received a bag of Duck Jerky treats and 2 bags of Minties bones.   All are proudly made right here in the USA with USA sourced ingredients, which is something I always look for when buying treats for our dogs.

First I introduced them to the Minties bones.  We received two different sizes – a bag of 22 tiny bones, and a bag of 10 small bones.  5 of our dogs are Chihuahuas that range from 5-11 lbs, and our one non-Chihuahua dog is a mixed breed at 18 lbs.  So these were the perfect size for our entire tribe.

Cody had to inspect both sizes of bones before he could decide on one.


Molly does not waste any time.  Ever.   If it’s edible, it’s hers.   And even if it belongs to someone else, it will be hers.

Cody looks on, wishing he was as brave as Molly.


But never fear Cody, I have another one for you!


Noah also loves his Minties.


Sammy is our mixed breed.  We nickname him “Mikey” because Mikey will eat anything.  (That’s a Life cereal reference in case you are too young to get it, lol).


They all loved their Minties, even the ones that were camera shy.

Molly wasted NO time helping herself to the Duck Jerky treats.


She is a food hound!  Chihuahuas are known for being very finicky, but Molly eats like a Great Dane.


Here’s Annabelle!  She loved her Duck Jerky treats too.  She is very small but everyone knows not to mess with her when she’s enjoying a treat.  Even the bigger dogs know better.


Our dogs love these treats so much, I keep a bag of these treats on the end table next to the couch, and I’ve caught them trying to steal a treat when I wasn’t looking! Molly actually grabbed the whole bag and tried running off with it but I caught her just in time.  They are going crazy over these treats!   And since they are USA made, I can feel good about feeding these to them!

If you want to purchase any of these treats, you can purchase them Walmart or BJ’s.  Check out Betsy Farms and Minties website as well!

Disclosure:  The opinions in this article are my own. I do not work for, or with, any brand mentioned in this article, nor do I have any official relationship with them.  I have a relationship with GigaSavvy, for whom I create original editorial content.

The truth about Straight Talk pre-paid phones.


Before I go on my rant about Straight Talk, let me tell you that I am a HUGE Walmartfan.  I could seriously shop there every day (and sometimes, I do).   They have the best prices on most products, and they usually have a really good selection for whatever it is I’m shopping for.

Years ago, I had my cell service through Verizon.  Never had a problem with them.  My phones always had great coverage, I never had dropped calls, their customer service was always helpful on the rare occasions I had to contact them.

Back around 2005 or so, I made the decision to switch to a Net10 prepaid cellphone service.  Why?  Mainly because I didn’t like being in a contract.  The word “contract” makes me nervous.  Even though I had Verizon for several years, every two years when I upgraded to a new phone, I’d have to enter into a new 2-year contract.   I checked out Net10 phones at Walmart and saw one I liked.  I think it was around $59. It was a cheapie, but I didn’t need anything extravagant.  It was mainly for emergencies, and I didn’t use my phone all that often, so I was able to get aw
ay with the $15 card every month.  $15 a month! Not too shabby.  It was a lot cheaper than my Verizon bill every month.  Score!

Then in 2011 I started blogging, doing much more online, and had the urge to upgrade to a smart phone.  Again, I didn’t want anything all that extravagant, but getting on the internet and being able to check emails and stuff from it would have been a nice perk. I was also doing a lot of craft shows, and wanted to accept credit cards at the shows so I needed a smart phone for that reason as well.

I shopped around and found Straight Talk at Walmart.  I could have upgraded my Net10 to a smart phone, and I don’t remember why I didn’t get a Net10 smartphone, but I THINK it was because they were slightly more expensive than Straight Talk.  So I bought a little smart phone at the price of $179, and of course I had to buy $45 cards every month, which I was ok with.

Fast forward 3 years, and I was using my cell phone more than ever, so I wanted to upgrade to a better phone.  After shopping around for what seemed like forever, and debating between a Galaxy S3 and an iPhone, I read lots of reviews and compared pricing, and finally decided I was going to get a Samsung Galaxy S3.  My brother and his wife have Verizon, and he was telling me that he was paying around $90 person with Verizon.  That was just too steep for me, so I once again, shopped Walmart’s site and compared pricing. Their S3 was $399, and I wouldn’t have had any contract.  Plus, it was just $45 per month for unlimited everything.  Seemed like an ok deal.  So I bought the phone in January.  I actually bought it online through Walmart’s site, through my Swagbucks account, so I could score the Swagbucks credits.


This phone is currently on rollback for $299, but here’s my receipt showing that just 7 months ago, I paid $399 + taxes and shipping.

g3 receipt

When it came in, I was so excited!  It was exactly as described, and since I was “new” to the whole real smartphone thing, it had bells and whistles beyond my expectations.  This phone and I have become inseparable.  It’s attached to me 24/7.  I check emails, check my blog, check facebook, twitter, foursquare, and you name it, on a daily basis.

Back in March, I had an interview and the woman interviewing me had this most unusual watch.  I asked her about it and she said it was a Smart Watch, and it was linked to her Galaxy S3 smart phone.  As soon as I got home, I told Chris about this smart watch and looked it up online.  I HAD TO HAVE IT!!   But, at the time, it was around $300.  I didn’t have the money to buy that, but it was something I was going to purchase once I  had the money for it.

So in the last 5 months, I talked about this Smart Watch all the time.  I saw the prices on them decline, but still did not purchase it.  My birthday was last week, and guess what my boyfriend bought me??

You guessed it.  And, he even got it in my favorite color.. orange!



It was SO beautiful!!  I charged it immediately so I could start using it.  After a couple of hours, it was fully charged, and I started going through the instructions to get it set up on my Galaxy S3.  But, I could only get error messages on my phone.  I tried for two days with no success in getting it linked to my Galaxy S3.   So, I calledSamsung, the number it said to call on my Smart Gear booklet.  They told me that I had to have Android 4.3 or higher, and my S3 only had Android 4.1.2.  They told me to call Straight Talk, to find out when they will be pushing through the new version of Android, as they’ve provided it to Straight Talk, and it’s up to  Straight Talk to provide it to their customers.

So I immediately called Straight Talk.  I told them I had just received the Galaxy Gear and I needed Android 4.3 or higher to get it to work.  I told them I calledSamsung, and they told me to call Straight Talk to find out when they will be pushing out a new version of Android.

Their answer STUNNED me.

“We do not provide updates to your Straight Talk phone.  It came with Android version 4.2.1 and that’s all you can get through this phone.  You cannot update it.”

Ummm… what??  I just paid $400+ for this phone, and I’m not able to update it?  Ever??


I was floored.  I had the entire conversation on speaker phone, and Chris was fuming!!  He bought me this Smart Gear watch specifically made for the “Galaxy S3″ and was so mad that I just spent $400 on a phone and not be able to update it, and now I cannot use the gift he just bought me.

We both did a little more research online and found so many complaints against Straight Talk regarding this exact issue.  People are paying a lot of money for these phones, and Straight Talk will not allow you to update it in any way.  So really, you are paying all this money for a phone that’s software is 2+ years out of date (if not longer) AND paying $50 a month on top of that.  That is just WRONG!!

So our plans were to return the Smart Gear watch and he would get me something else.  In the mean time, I had been looking at getting Quicken 2014 for my pc & phone, so I went to Amazon to see about downloading it.   I checked the requirements first, and found out that I had to have at least Android 4.3 for that app too!  It was a very disappointing night.

The next day, we went shopping in the city and I mentioned stopping in at a Verizon store to see if they knew of a way I could update my phone.  I knew it was a longshot, but I was really desperate.

I will say this much – I hate dealing with salesmen for the most part.  They are usually really pushy and I HATE that.   So I dreaded going into Verizon.  But to our surprise, we got a really great saleswoman who helped us by the name of Sue.  (Ask for Sue if you go to the Verizon in the Henrietta, NY store, she’s awesome!)   I told her about my dilemma and to make a LONG story really short, we BOTH ended up walking out with the brand new Galaxy S5 smart phones for just $100 each!    This was not our intention, but when she explained everything, it really did make sense.


STRAIGHT TALK:  I paid $442 for the Galaxy S3 phone, plus $50 a month for a year = $1,042.00, and the phone is NOT able to be updated in any way.

VERIZON:  Paid $100 for a Galaxy S5, and $60 a month for a year = $820, and updates are immediate.

I just saved $222 my first year by switching to Verizon AND my phone is the latest and greatest!    Yeah, it’s a 2-year contract, but in the long run, it’s cheaper, AND I get all updates.   The amount I paid for just my phone alone through Straight Talk, could have paid off my contract with Verizon!

Since last weekend I’ve been using my Smart Gear and my Quicken on my S5, along with other apps I couldn’t download on my S3 with no problems at all.  We are both THRILLED with our new Galaxy S5 phones and the Verizon service.   Our service with Straight Talk was not consistent either, our calls were always being dropped, there would be days we were unable to call out, receive calls, text, etc – without having to call their customer service and having them “fix” something on their end.   We now have the peace of mind knowing that we have stable service, and immediate updates when they are available.

I don’t know if all prepaid phones don’t allow updates or just Straight Talk, but be SURE you look into this before purchasing!  Had I known, I never would have spent the $440+ on an outdated phone that you can’t update.  I feel like a complete idiot for not knowing this before making my purchase, but live and learn!   And hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.

What cell phone service do you currently use, and do you like it or not?  Please sound off below!

PS – I’m going to sell my S3 with all the accessories I bought for it on Ebay, and I should be able to get about $200 for it.  So it’s not a total loss!   I’ll put that right towards my new Verizon bill!

Smiley360 Product Review for Crest Pro-Health products!


Hi everyone, and sorry I’ve been silent for so long!  My blog had a serious database crash and it took quite a while to get it fixed.  I have several reviews to do and this one is the first on my list!

Thanks to Smiley360, I have had the opportunity to review some Crest Pro-Health products. I love Crest dental care products!  They are the most well known brand for dental health, and for good reason.  They make great products.  And I am particular about my dental care and only want to use the best because I’m very concerned about my dental health.  I have been self-employed for years, until about 6 months ago and had no dental insurance.  Here in NY, it’s nearly impossible to get independent dental insurance.

In my kit, I received two full sized bottles of Crest Pro Health mouthwash, an Oral-B soft toothbrush, and a tube of Crest Whitening toothpaste.

The toothbrush I received had soft bristles, and since I only use soft or medium bristle toothbrushes, this was perfect for me.  It’s a good toothbrush.  They call it an “all-in-one” toothbrush, and it removes up to 99% plaque.  It always left my teeth feeling very clean.

The toothpaste I received was their “whitening” toothpaste in fresh clean mint.  I love whitening toothpastes, and almost always choose whitening toothpastes when shopping.  I don’t drink coffee, and I’ve never been a smoker, so my teeth are not discolored from that.  I actually don’t think my teeth are that bad, but I always wish they were just a bit whiter.  I went through a spell years ago of drinking nothing but iced tea, and my teeth really suffered.  Tea does stain your teeth, and since the tea I was drinking was sweetened with sugar and lemon, it was also the cause of my many cavities.   Lesson learned!

I really like the Crest Pro-Health whitening toothpaste.  It had a pleasant minty taste to it, and left my teeth feeling very clean, and my breath very fresh.  I have noticed that my teeth are whiter since I’ve been using it, and I would highly recommend it.

The other products I received were two full bottles of Crest Pro-Health Anticavity Fluoride Rinse. I wish I was using this rinse when I was going through my iced tea phase years back, because this probably would have eliminated a lot of the cavities I got from drinking it.   The two bottles I received were the tartar protection.  It rebuilds enamel, protects against surface stains, freshens breath, and if used regularly, can help prevent cavities.   So basically, everything I need.  I have tried probably every rinse on the market.  Some I like, some I don’t.  I like a rinse that lets you know it’s working, but doesn’t make your mouth feel like you were rinsing with a hot pepper.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  Some of them have so much alcohol in them they make your mouth burn, your eyes water, and your nose run.  I dislike those mouthwashes very much.   Crest Pro-Health is not overpowering, but always left my breath very fresh and my mouth feeling so clean.

If you were to use these products regularly, you would probably be able to “escape the scrape” at the dentist’s too!  Before I discovered Crest Pro-Health, I was dreading my teeth cleanings and dental checkups.   But not anymore!  Now that I have a trustworthy, reliable line of products to keep my teeth and gums healthy, I will be utilizing them and not have the need for so many dentist visits!  And they are much more affordable than going to the dentist!  Bargain Hounders love to save money!


Disclosure:  I received this product for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review.  You can join Smiley360 here!”

Review: Bonefish Grill restaurant! @BonefishGrill #HelloNewMenu


My boyfriend and I drove cross country from California to NY four years ago.  Along the way, we saw signs for the Bonefish Grill restaurant, but never stopped there.   I looked up their menu online and really wanted to try it there.  But by that time it was too late.  Not too long ago though, one opened up about half an hour from home.   We’re not big mall shoppers (like only when it’s an absolute necessity).   The mall is extremely busy and it’s nearly impossible trying to get a parking space near dinner time, unless you want to pay for valet.  Which we don’t.  Bargain Hounds don’t pay for free parking :)

I’ve been telling my boyfriend that I really want to try this restaurant.  My birthday is this week and he’s been asking me where I wanted to go, and I was going to tell him I finally wanted to try Bonefish Grill.  Well, to my surprise, I was selected through Tomoson to receive a gift box from Bonefish Grill, which included a gift card, in return for a review.

Within days, I received this awesome package!


But what’s in it, right?  I didn’t know what they were sending me in the box, so I was very anxious to see what was in it!


I received a copy of their new menu, some recipe cards, some blue fish gummy candy, and a $50 Bonefish Grill gift card!  Woohoo!

We wasted NO time to finally try out Bonefish Grill.  I knew they had a new menu, as this was part of their blog campaign, so I thoroughly researched their new menu online before our dinner out.  A lot of things on their menu sounded good to me, and I was not exactly sure what I would be getting.

We made reservations for 7:15 and got there about 1/2 an hour early, mainly so we could find a parking space.   To our surprise, we found one rather quickly.  We went in early just in case they could seat us earlier than our reservation time, but we ended up getting seated at about 7:13.   Which was ok with us, they were really busy!

The ambiance of the restaurant was really nice.  The decor had an Asian flare to it (and so does their menu) and there was a flameless candle at each table.  It’s a good thing they had the candles at the tables, because it was so dark, we would not have been able to read our menus otherwise!

Our server’s name was Chris (same name as my boyfriend, so easy to remember!)  and he was exceptionally helpful and friendly.  He took our drink orders (just soda for us) and we ordered appetizers.  Shortly afterwards, he brought us out some sliced bread and an oil/pesto mixture to dip it in.  This bread was delicious!  It was hot and crispy on the outside, and warm and soft on th inside.  I’m not one  to try something I’m unsure of, but I did try the oil and it was really good.

This is the only picture I took without the flash.


It wasn’t too long before our appetizers arrived.  I ordered calamari, and Chris ordered crab cakes.  My calamari was delicious!  They were very lightly battered and very crispy, just how I like them.  Chris’s crab cakes came with a dipping sauce which he also really liked, even though he said it was really spicy.  He usually doesn’t like spicy things, but he said it was really good.

My calamari also came with a dipping sauce.  I usually eat my calamari just plain but I did try the sauce and I thought the sauce was really sweet, so I just ate them without the sauce.  I did accidentally eat a fried red pepper though, because it was so dark I couldn’t see what I was eating.  I don’t like cooked peppers in any way, shape or form, so that was not a pleasant surprise or taste for my palate, lol.    But the calamari themselves were absolutely delicious.


After we finished our appetizers, it did take at least a half an hour for our entrees to come out.  I’m assuming because it was so busy in there.

And I will tell you – it was worth the wait!

Chris ordered the ribeye steak (well done) with asparagus and Au Gratin potatoes.    He said it was one of the best steaks he ever had.  (The 13 oz. steak was $27, so it better have been good!)    When the server brought out our entrees, he asked Chris to cut open his steak to make sure it was cooked correctly.  Which I do like when they ask that, but unless they gave him a flashlight, it was nearly impossible to tell.    Chris enjoyed every part of his entree.  He said the Au Gratin potatoes were creamy and cheesy and delicious, and he said the asparagus were delicious too.  And when he was eating his steak, I have to quote him.  “This steak is so good, it’s enough to make a grown man cry”.   He might not have actually cried, but he absolutely loved the steak.


So for my entree, I ordered the wood-grilled scallops and shrimp in a lemon butter sauce, with a side of garlic whipped potatoes and jasmine rice.  The rice was very much like Asian sticky rice with a hint of jasmine, and the flavor was very nice.  The garlic whipped potatoes were very creamy and you could really taste the garlic in them.  I love garlic, so I thought they were really good.  If you aren’t a big fan of garlic you will probably not like them though.

But the wood-grilled scallops and shrimp?  Oh my.  Hands down, they were the best shrimp and scallops I’ve ever had.  The wood-grilled taste was unbelievable, and the lemon butter sauce they put on top of them just about sent me over the edge.  At first bite I was so glad I decided on this as my main course. I would, without hesitation, order this entree again.


Now here’s something we almost never do.  We saw some desserts come out at the tables around us and got curious about their desserts.  Chris was torn between the Jamaican Coconut Pie and the Key Lime Pie, and I was torn between the Jamaican Coconut Pie and the Macadamia Nut brownie with ice cream dessert.   We ended up each ordering a piece of the Coconut Pie.  The description was “Jen’s Jamaican Coconut Pie creamy custard, rum sauce + whipped cream”.  The picture on their menu looked creamy and we both really wanted that.

When it arrived, we were a little surprised.  Or maybe a lot surprised.  There was no custard whatsoever, and it was not creamy at all.  It wasn’t even a pie.  It was dry like a macaroon all the way through, with whipped cream on top, and a little sauce drizzled over the corner of it and on the plate.  The sauce tasted like it was not cooked all the way.  You could feel the texture of the sugar granules in it because the sugar never dissolved in the sauce, which I’m assuming is because the sauce wasn’t cooked long enough.  It tasted like the beginning stage of caramel, like when you are waiting for the brown sugar and butter to thicken.   The coconut was so dry and thick, I couldn’t even eat it.  So I was really disappointed in the dessert.  Especially since we almost never eat dessert.  We were both wishing we had tried something else for desssert, and when we go back, we will most definitely try a different dessert.




Overall, this was a $90 meal for the two of us. But thanks to Bonefish Grill and our $50 gift card, it ended up being a $40 meal.   We did leave feeling very full and pleased with our meals overall.

If you haven’t checked out Bonefish Grill, you should!  They have a great new menu and I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll love.   Check out their restaurant locator to see where the nearest Bonefish Grill is to you.

Have you tried Bonefish Grill’s new menu yet?  Comment below and let me know what your favorite entree is!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Peace Motion Lava Lamp just $8.00 shipped!

lava lamp


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