Product Review: Holiday Limited Edition Softsoap body wash collection


I love to smell good!  Which is why I was excited to receive my three bottles of Softsoap’s Limited Edition body washes!  I received Parisian Berry Bliss, Venetian Vanilla Spice, and Alpine Mint Frost.  I had received an email from UPS telling me the day my package was to arrive, so as soon as the big brown truck pulled up, I snagged that box and went straight into the bathroom with it to take my shower!

Over the last several weeks, Chris and myself have both been using these body washes.  They are awesome.  But what did you expect from Softsoap?  I love all of their products!   My favorite since the first day is the Alpine Mint Frost.  I absolutely love that scent.  It almost smells like a peppermint patty.  It is so refreshing.  If you have a cold it will also open up your sinuses in the shower!   My second favorite is the Venetian Vanilla Spice.  It has a vanilla and caramel scent to it, and smells good enough to eat.  Chris’s favorite was the Parisian Berry Bliss, which in my opinion smells like cherry jello.  Which is not a bad scent at all, just my least favorite of the three.  But funny enough, it’s his favorite.  And his second favorite is the Venetian Vanilla Spice.   He liked all three of them too, but those were his favorites.

Not only did they leave us smelling wonderful, as Softsoap is known for – they also left our skin feeling very soft and moisturized.  I have extremely dry skin in the winter and my skin has really not felt very dried out at all so far.

The only thing that makes me sad is that these are Limited Edition!  I wish the Alpine Mint Frost was available all year round, because that would be my main body wash.  I love it so much!  Guess I’ll have to grab what’s left at Walmart!

If you haven’t tried these yet, you should hurry up and try them before they are gone! Review Crew: Prosecco’s Restaurant!



Chris and I visited this Restaurant in Farmington, called Prosecco’s about a month or so ago, but we’ve been craving it again ever since!  So, we decided to go there again last Friday.  We had another certificate and we decided to use it here.   We really enjoyed our meals here last time, and were looking forward to trying something different this time.

So much on their menu that looks delicious!


We even had the same waitress as last time – Sasha!  She is awesome.  After we placed our orders, she quickly brought us out some of their Italian bread and butter.  Seriously, this is the best bread EVER!  I’m not a big fan of bread, but bring out fresh Italian bread that’s crispy on the outside and soft in the center, and I’m all over that.


Our salads came out shortly thereafter.  I’m a big fan of Olive Garden salads, and I never thought that any restaurant salad could top it.  But, I was wrong.  This salad blows them away!  I ordered the house Italian dressing, and it’s made with a Balsamic base and it is so delicious!  Their salads are a mix of spring greens and have Kalamata olives in them.  That’s the kicker for me right there.  As if I didn’t love this salad enough, I bite into a Kalamata olive and it sends me over the edge.  All salads should have Kalamata olives in them.  The next time I make a salad at home, I’m putting Kalamata olives in it.


Chris got blue cheese dressing on his salad, and he said it was beyond delicious.   We both ate our entire salads, which is something we rarely do.  (Ok, I did leave the tomato, but that was it!)


Then our entrees came.  Chris ordered spaghetti with sausage.  It was covered in cheese and there was a ton of sausage in it!  Chris said the sausage was spicy hot, but delicious.  He typically does not like spicy foods, but he was not complaining one bit, and he cleaned his plate in record time.


For my entree, I decided on the Chicken Marsala.  I can’t tell you how many different restaurants I’ve ordered this meal at and been disappointed.  For some reason, I could not find a decent Marsala for the life of me!  Every time I try this at a restaurant, it is very bland and flavorless.   So for me, this was the true test.  Could I finally find a good Chicken Marsala at a restaurant?   It only took one bite for me to answer that question, and it was a resounding “FINALLY”!!   This was SO incredibly delicious!  They did not just use plain button mushrooms either.  There were even Shiitake mushrooms in it.  And as a bonus for me – there were artichokes in this dish!  All of my favorite things in this dish!  And of course, it was on top of a bed of fettuccine.  The wine sauce just brought it all together.


Did I mention they give you SO much food?  I already knew what I was getting for dessert before we even pulled in the parking lot, so I HAD to save room for dessert.  And since my meal was so huge, I had to get half of it in a take out container to bring home.

And then it was dessert time.  I almost felt giddy, because I knew what I was having.   Chris on the other hand, kept flip-flopping.  First he said he was getting the coconut cake (cause he was jealous at mine last time we were here).  But he had the Pumpkin Tiramisu last time, and he LOVED it.  So he said he might get that.   When Sasha asked what we wanted for dessert, he asked if they still had the Pumpkin Tiramisu.   She said no… but they had a Peppermint Tiramisu instead.  He kinda scrunched his face up, and said no, that didn’t sound very good.  But, Sasha told him it was “dreamy” and she said he would probably love it, because it’s really delicious.  She totally talked him into getting it!  lol

Here’s what his Peppermint Tiramisu looked like:


And you know what?   Sasha was right.  He totally loved it!  He said the peppermint was very subtle and it really was dreamy!    I’m so glad he liked it, because I was not really in a sharing mood when it came to my dessert.  The most incredibly delicious, moist, coconut cake you could ever dream of.


Out of all the desserts I’ve ever had anywhere, this quite literally – takes the cake!  lol

I have to say, this was just the most satisfying meal ever!  We were very full when we left – you can’t leave this place hungry!  You just can’t.  And, I even had leftovers which I finished the next day for dinner.  You know something is REALLY good when I eat leftovers.   Because it’s a very rare occasion when I eat ANYTHING leftover.   But I was not letting this go to waste!

Thanks to, we saved another $15 off our bill!  That’s almost like getting a free entree!   If you are not taking advantage of, you are missing out.  We are loving saving money at all kinds of restaurants!


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You don’t have much time left for Christmas shopping, so you better hurry on over to Best Buy, as they have some really great deals running right now!

If you have a digital camera on your Christmas list, you will want to check out the Canon EOS Rebel T5i at Best Buy.  Or maybe you are trying to pick out a camera for yourself.

I have owned so many digital cameras over the years!  I’ve owned so many different brands.  I haven’t yet owned a Canon, but when it’s time to upgrade to a new digital camera, I would definitely consider this one.   I’m one of those people who take pictures of everything.  And I mean EVERYTHING.   My boyfriend tells me I should become a professional photographer.   I love taking pictures, sharing them, editing them, etc.  And I am also known for taking pictures of the weirdest things.  Like when I moved into my new house and a bat flew in through the fireplace and attached itself to my dining room wall.  I ran over to it (after screaming bloody murder) to take some pictures of it before my dad came over and removed it from my house.  I mean come on, if you don’t have pictures, how will anyone know it really happened?!   So yes, I’m one of those annoying people who has to document everything and everyone in my life.   And for that, you want a decent camera!


Best Buy is the ultimate destination for the latest cameras to capture your holiday memories. The Canon EOS Rebel T5i is one of the best-selling DSLRs. This camera makes advanced photography easy and fun, and gives you exceptional image quality, along with a host of features to enhance your creative expression.

•      Capture Hollywood caliber full HD video

•      Continuous autofocus while taking HD video

•      Features an 18.0-megapixel CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 5 image processor to ensure vivid, crystal-clear images.

•      The 3″ vari-angle touch screen simplifies navigation.

Save $150 on the Canon EOS Rebel T5i at Best Buy*. Visit Best Buy to learn more.

*offer valid 12/7-12/20


Save $150 on the Canon EOS Rebel T5i at Best Buy*. Visit Best Buy to learn more. *offer valid 12/7-12/20


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Disclaimer:  The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Product Review: Remote for Christmas Tree lights! #xmastreetech #christmastreetech


We put up our Christmas tree earlier than ever this year – before Thanksgiving!   We usually get a real tree but opted for our fake tree we had in the basement because we had so much going on, and just wanted to get the tree up early.    We have all red lights on our tree this year.  Every night we have to crawl down onto the floor, find the cord and plug it in.

But not anymore!

I received this awesome new gadget in the mail today.  It’s a Christmas Tree Light remote control!  I was so excited when it arrived, I installed it before Chris got home!  It was super easy to install and I didn’t even need the instructions!  The worst part was trying to figure out which outlet to use, because Chris has electric candles in every window, nightlights in every room, and I honestly don’t even know what else he has plugged in those outlets.  I don’t ask.  There’s just cords everywhere, lol.

These remotes look like Christmas tree decorations!  They come in a Bell, Snowflake or a Christmas Tree.  I chose the snowflake.  It’s a very pretty silver snowflake ornament, and it looks very nice on the tree.  No one would even know it was a remote!



Once I had it plugged in, all you do is touch the ornament, and voila!  The lights on the whole tree turn on!  Touch it again and they turn off.  No more bending over or crawling on the floor every night to turn the Christmas tree lights on!


I absolutely love this remote!  It worked perfectly the first time I used it, and that is rare.  Seems like there’s always some sort of technical difficulty when I get something new, but this could not have been easier to set up.  And it looks so cute, too!

Are you interested in one of these for your tree?  You can purchase these from this website!

I look forward to using this on all of our trees from now on!

Check out my short video below, showing how easily and well this remote works!

Amazon ~ save $125 off any 8.9″ Kindle Fire HDX tablet!

kindle fire hdx

If you’re shopping around for a great deal on a Kindle Fire HDX, look no more!  Today ONLY on Amazon, you can save $125 off any 8.9″ Kindle Fire HDX tablet!

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Do you have a tablet on your Christmas list?  This is a really hot package deal!!  Today on HSN, you can get this 13.3″ Full HD Tablet with Dual cameras, keyboard case and app pack for just $299.95, OR 5 Flex Payments of just $59.99!!   And FREE shipping!!

Dream big and imagine new possibilities in portable entertainment and productivity. With the NuVision’s huge full HD touch display, you’ll have room to draw out your outdoor living space, touch up family photos, or play games and watch movies with the whole family. At home or on vacation, the NuVision promises gigantic fun for everyone. And with the included keyboard, be sure to type a thank-you note to Santa for making this mega wish come true.

What You Get

  • NuVision 13.3″ 16GB Android tablet

  • Micro USB cable

  • On-The-Go (OTG) transfer cable

  • AC adapter

  • Quick-start guide

  • Manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty

Bundled Goodies

  • Matching color Bluetooth keyboard case with micro USB charging cable

  • Matching color stylus

  • Black stand

  • Family Essentials apps and services voucher