QVC ~ Nutri Ninja 2-in-1 700W 40 oz Food Processor and Blender just $79.92, or 3 payments of $26.64!


 Today on QVC you can purchase this Nutri Ninja 2-in-1 700W 40 oz Food Processor and Blender  for just $79.92, or 3 payments of $26.64!

  • Includes Nutri Ninja, gear lid, two 16-oz Nutri Ninja cups, two sip and seal lids, single-serve blade, 40-oz processor bowl with storage lid, pizza dough blade, cookie dough blade, 16-oz bowl-in-bowl, and recipes
  • 700W motor
  • Interchangeable power pod with pulse technology
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Dishwasher-safe cups
  • Drip-free pour spout
  • Cord measures 42″L
  • Red, Turquoise, Green, Cobalt, and Purple are exclusive to QVC until 7/1/15
  • ETL listed; 1-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Imported

This deal is available today only, 4/15/15.   If you click on the links on this page after 4/15/15, they will take you to that day’s Special Value item.

Product #Review for Insulated Tote Bag!


Spring has finally sprung, and before you know it, we will be in 90º+ weather here in NY.  One struggle I have in the summer is keeping my frozen foods cold all the way home after grocery shopping.  I do have one really nice, heavy zippered insulated bag that my mom bought me for this reason, and I love it.   So when I had the opportunity to review this one I was excited to have another insulated tote bag to help with my summer grocery shopping.

When I received it, I was surprised at how lightweight it was.  The insulation is quite thin, but as long as it did the job, I didn’t care how thin it was.  Maybe thinner would be even better, since it wouldn’t be so bulky to carry around.  The bag itself is nice sized.  It is about 23″ tall with a 9.5″ gussett, which lets you fit a lot of food in it.



So once I had my frozen foods in the bag and zipped it up, I noticed something.  While it zips all the way across, the zipper does not attach to the bag itself on either side.  This leaves big, gaping holes on each side of the bag when it’s fully zipped.


So here’s my concern.  When the temperature outside is 100º, it’s 120º or hotter in the car.  If I place a container of ice cream in my bag, and zip it up, that hot heat is going to seep into the bag through the wide open gaps on each side of the bag, and melt my ice cream.  This completely defeats the purpose of having an insulated bag.

Not sure what I mean?  Check out my quick video here:

The bag itself is nice, and would be great for anything other than keeping your foods hot or cold.  Bring it to the gym, to the office, to the beach.  It would still be great for just carrying around your basic groceries (that don’t require refrigeration), books, clothing, pet supplies, etc.

I can’t give it 5 stars because it doesn’t work for the purpose it was intended (keeping foods cold) but I’d still give it 3 stars simply because it’s still a decent bag and can be used for lots of other things.


You can purchase this tote bag on Amazon for just $8.99 with free prime shipping!

Disclaimer: I received a free product to review in exchange for my honest opinion. All comments and opinions are my own. I only recommend products I believe would be good for my readers.

Product #Review for Cooler Kitchen EZ-Grip 9″ tongs! #CoolTongs


I really like cooking with tongs, and before I received these EZ-Grip 9″ Ergonomic Silicone Tongs from Cooler Kitchen, we had two other pairs that I would alternate between.   I liked my old tongs, but I didn’t love them.  The reason is because they would always scratch up my teflon pans.  No matter how hard I would try to be careful, I always ended up putting another scratch in my pans.

So when I saw these had silicone on the ends that you put into the pan, I knew I had to try them out.   My first time using them, I used them to make chicken scallopine, and frying the chicken in a pan always caused scratch marks with my other tongs.


But not with these tongs!  They couldn’t scratch my pans if they wanted to!  I LOVE these new tongs.   They have an ergonomic design, and the silicone on them keeps cool so you do not burn your hands.  And most importantly, they worked great and kept my new teflon pans scratch-free!

Right now you can purchase these on Amazon for just $9.99 with FREE Prime shipping!

Would you like to win one for yourself?  Just enter the giveaway below!  Good luck to everyone!

Disclaimer:  I received free product to review in exchange for my honest opinions.  All comments and opinions are mine, and I only recommend products I believe would be good for my customers.

Wonka Nestle Random candies #Review @Smiley360


Thanks to Smiley360 and Willy Wonka’s Nestle Randoms candies, I have received the above products to enjoy for my review!

I was initially asked if I was interested in reviewing Nestle’s Randoms candies, and well, that’s like asking me if I need air to breath.  Heck YES!

In my package were a few other “random” products.  A gold paper crown, a selfie-stick, and a white comment cloud/board.


I have a major sweet tooth.  I don’t eat gummy candy all that often though.  To be honest, I’ve only had gummy bears in the past.  I like them on occasion, but they aren’t something I eat very often.  I think gummy bears are just such an average candy, I just never really give them much thought.

Well leave it to Nestle / Wonka to come out with an awesome new gummy candy!


These are not your average gummy candies.  These taste SO much better than your average bag of gummy bears!   Some of them have a white gummy bottom, and lots of the ones with white gummy bottoms also have a juicy center.  And, you never get the same bag twice, so you never know exactly what will be in each bag! There are literally millions of gummy combinations in a variety of flavors, textures & shapes!

But, splurging on Randoms aren’t as unhealthy as you’d think!

Did you know:

  • They contain NO artificial flavors!
  • They contain REAL fruit juice!
  • They are only 140 calories for 10 pieces, and no fat (no, this does not mean you should eat the entire bag in one sitting…)

I was checking out the ingredients and was surprised at all the fruit juices in these, even carrot juice!  They contain 5% fruit juices. What other candy can you call even semi-healthy?  Not very many.

So maybe you can grab a handful of Randoms when you have a sweet tooth, and won’t have so much guilt!  They definitely craved my sweet tooth!


And his sweet tooth, too :)


I’ve already seen these in my local stores and they only run around $3 for the big stand-up bags.  And as soon as our stash is gone, I plan on restocking!

Oh, and the last 2 pics were taken with my new selfie-stick!  Such a fun little tool!

Disclaimer:  I received free product to review in exchange for my honest opinion.  All comments and opinions are my own, and I only recommend products I believe would be good for my readers.



Walmart ~ 144 Premium Coffee Pods K-Cups just $46 shipped!

coffee pods

Walmart deal of the day!

Today you can purchase this 144 Mountain High Premium Single Use Coffee Pods French Vanilla Hazelnut K-Cup for just $46 shipped!

Subscribe to the Beauteque monthly beauty bag!

Beauteque is a global brand that inspires and educates shoppers on their journey to discover true beauty. Our Beauty Team researches, tests, and hand-picks skin care products, cosmetics and jewelry to help consumers around the world. Beauteque believes in being you! We Believe that high-quality skin care as the basis of high-quality beauty. So when we promise to carry only the best and most up to date products, we guarantee that we’ll share our research with you! Beauteque’s evolving inventory reflects Eastern progress, promotes sophisticated beauty, and fills a much needed niche in the Western market!

I received a Beauteque bag to review, and mine had all sorts of goodies in it!  In a Beauteque bag you receive at least 7 full sized beauty products.   This is a monthly subscription bag, and you can subscribe for just one month at a time ($24/month), or for the best price you can sign up for 12 months ($22/month)!


In my bag were the following products:

  • Face Shop Rice Toner
  • Mizon Modeling Cup/Gelly Mask Pack
  • Look at my Eyes Cafe Eyeshadow
  • The Face Shop Massage Cream
  • Pore Control Blackhead Brush
  • Take My Hands Nail Sheet Pack
  • Etude House Silk Scarf Damage Hair Cap

At first I just started checkout out all of the products individually.  Most of the product’s writing with directions on the back were in another language and I was struggling at first to even realize what I was supposed to do with all of these.  Thankfully, they include a detailed card so you can see the info on each individual product, and how to use them correctly.


My favorite products were the Nail Sheet Packs and the Eyeshadow.

The Nail packs you just tear apart and place one on each finger. Wear them for 10-15 minutes and then remove them and massage remaining lotion into your skin.   They left my fingers feeling very soft and I absolutely loved the scent of these nail packs.  I wish I could bottle it up and find it in a full hand/body lotion!


The eye shadow I really loved too.  The color was “Look At My Eyes Cafe” and it’s a pretty neutral shade of brown.  I only wear neutral makeup colors, so I was excited about this.  It looks great on, too.


I still haven’t tried everything in the bag, but they do give you quite a bit and it all seems to be very high quality made products.

Click here to learn more about what’s in the monthly Beauteque Bags or to purchase!

Disclaimer:  I received free product to review in exchange for my honest opinion.  All comments & opinions are my own, and I only recommend products I think would be good for my readers.