Product Review: Linkon Power Bank Charger for cell phones & more!

A couple of months ago, Chris and I upgraded our cell phones to the new Samsung Galaxy S5.  (You can read about why we dropped Straight Talk here).   I had the Galaxy S3 previously, and Chris had a Samsung Proclaim, I believe it was.

We LOVE our new phones.  I’m very techy (at least I like to think I am!) and my phone is attached to my hip.  I live with this phone.  I even sleep with this phone on my night stand, and find myself waking in the middle of the night just to check emails, and the important stuff, like my social media accounts, lol.

I did find that I was draining my battery, and quickly.   Every time I was in the car, I would plug it into the charger.  But when I was working for the worst company in the history of ever, I would find that my battery was draining extremely quickly, and I had no way to charge it while I was at work.  There were days when I was working my 16.5 hour days, that my battery would just completely die in the middle of my shift.  And if you read my post about the dangers of where I worked, this was NOT a good thing.   I was working for a company where I was robbed at knife point, we would find used syringes on the shelves, there were shootings and drug dealings going on right outside in the parking lot.

Needless to say, not having a cell phone made my very uneasy.  So when my battery would go dead, I would be in panic mode.  Sure, we had a cordless phone at the store, but it’s not always convenient to have to find it in the case of an emergency.

So when I had the opportunity to review this new product from Linkon, I was ecstatic.   This is a power bank for all kinds of cell phones.


They carried an assortment of 5 different colors.  They didn’t have orange, so I chose my second favorite color – pink!


It arrived in record time.  The color was so vibrant, and it wasn’t much larger than a tube of lipstick, and even came with a little velour carrying case, it’s own cord, and adapters for iPhones.


I couldn’t wait to charge this thing up!


One thing I love about this power bank is that it has a digital reading, so you know how much charge is on it, and how much you have left.  Once it reads 100, you know it’s fully charged.   It didn’t take too long for it to get fully charged, and I charged it from my computer using the cord they provided.

The only issue I experienced was when I was trying to charge my phone using the cord they provided.  When I would charge it, the power bank automatically shuts off after 30 seconds.   It is supposed to continue charging, but it would stop charging.  I emailed Linkon, and they said they had just becomej aware of this issue, and asked me if I could try using my phone’s original cord.  I tried that and it worked flawlessly.

They emailed me back very quickly and with a solution that worked for me.  So in my opinion, that said a lot about their customer service.  I’m confident that if my cord did not work, they would have offered another solution.  They definitely get an A+ for customer service.

Since then, I have used this power bank countless times with no problems at all.  I absolutely love that I have a backup for when my cell phone is running out of juice.   Also, this isn’t just for cell phones.  I have a Kindle Fire which I have also used to charge with the Linkon Power Bank and it worked great for that too.

Right now you can purchase this product on Amazon for just $24.95 with FREE 2-day shipping if you have an Amazon Prime account.  It is normally $39.95, and the peace of mind this product offers is worth every penny!

I highly recommend this product!

Seiki 65″ 1080p LED HDTV for just $799 shipped!


Walmart deal of the day!

Today you can purchase this Seiki 65″ 1080p LED HDTV for just $799!    FREE shipping!

Warning: Do not do business with

loving pets

I’m supposed to be doing a product review on a Diamond Plate Bowl from Loving Pets.  They told me they shipped it out to me on 9/30, however, I have never received it.

diamond bowl3

I have emailed the company several times with no response.  In my last email I told them if they do not respond to me or send the product, I would be forced to write a negative review on my blog.  They didn’t respond to that either.

This is a review required through Tomoson, and Tomoson keeps sending me these “reminder” emails to complete my review by 11/4 or it will count against me.   Since I’m almost out of time, and the company has not responded to me in any way, shape or form, then this is going to be my “review”.

And by the looks at their rating on Tomoson, other bloggers are having the same issue as me.

I can not recommend making any purchases with this company.   This tells me you may or may not receive your product you order, and if you contact customer service, you may or may not receive a response.   I don’t know about you, but I don’t like giving my hard earned to companies that “might” send me the product.

diamond bowl1


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Review: Your dogs will love these treats from Stewart ProTreat! #StewartProTreat


I love blogging about my dogs.  They are probably my favorite thing to talk about, because they all bring me such joy in all of their little personalities.   So when I get an opportunity to let them review something I think they will love, I get so excited for them to try it.

This time, our little tribe of six dogs got to review some freeze dried treats from STEWART Pro-Treat.  They sell these in all different liver flavors – Chicken, Beef. Lamb, Turkey, Bison, Duck and Pork.   I don’t think I requested any certain flavor, because even though our Chihuahuas can be extremely finicky, they do have one thing in common; they love all proteins.

We received the Chicken Liver freeze dried treats in a 3 oz container.   If you want to see a video of them trying these treats for yourself, check it out here.  It is clear they absolutely LOVED these treats!

This is Molly.  She always seems to be front and center when it comes to trying out new things.  She hadn’t even tried one yet and she was already trying to steal the entire tub of treats.  She doesn’t like to share.


No, Molly, this entire tub of chicken liver treats are not only for you!



Cody was curious to know what Molly had.



This is my boy, Noah, he couldn’t get enough of these chicken liver treats!


Cody, ya gotta be faster than that.  Where did it go?  His facial expressions just crack me up.

It was there just a second ago…..!


Maxi is Cody’s brother.  He can be shy at times too, but he was not shy about these.  He loved them!


Sammy is our only non-Chihuahua.  He’s a furball mutt who is due for another haircut.  We sometimes refer to him as “Mikey” cause Mikey will eat anything.  (Get it?  If you are old enough to remember the Life cereal commercials, you will get it).


And yes, Molly did get her treats!


Here’s what they look like in the package.  They are very light, which I’m assuming is because they were freeze dried.  But they are still “crunchy” and the dogs could not get enough of them!


What do I love about these treats, other than that my dogs loved them?  Well, they contain only ONE ingredient.  The protein liver of your choice.  And that’s it.

And then there’s this little gem:


Yes, these treats are made right here in the USA, using USA ingredients!    This is something I always look for when buying treats or food for our dogs.   There are too many scary stories out there about dogs getting sick or dying from eating foods that are not from the USA.   Our dogs are part of our family, they are not just pets.  We want them to be with us for a long time, so we only feed them the best!

You can purchase Stewart Pro-Treats from many different stores such as Petco and Petsmart – but check out the stores nearest to you that carry their products!  You can also sign up for a $2 off coupon!

I highly recommend these treats for your dogs.  They are technically supposed to be for training, but if you have untrainable dogs like we do (seriously, our Chihuahuas have the attention span of a mosquito) then your dogs will love these just as regular treats, and they are healthy for them, too!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

What am I making with all that fabric?!

Ok, so I posted this teaser pic on my FB page the other day to see who remembers what I am making with all of this!

I didn’t think I’d get the chance to do any craft shows this year because of my work schedule, but I walked out on the worst job ever (you can read about that here if you’d like) , and now I have a pretty full calendar of upcoming craft shows!  Yay me!

So I cut out my first batch last week and started sewing them this week.


Yes, I’m making UNPAPER TOWELS!   I’m also making reusable swiffer pads, and a few other goodies that are all environmentally friendly.   So far I only have these unpaper towels made, but you can check out the gallery here:


If you’re not sure what unpaper towels are,  they are towels that you “tear” off  (or unsnap) just like regular paper towels, but you can wash these and reuse them.  These were a huge hit at my shows last year, so I’m making them in lots of new prints for this year.  Saving you lots of money from having to buy paper towels, and also saving the landfills.

What’s your favorite print?

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hb roaster

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Save $1 on Kiwi Protect-All for leather bags, coats, boots etc!


With old man winter right around the corner here in Upstate NY, I need this!!  I have some leather Coach bags that need protecting!

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