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  1. Joni Owada says:

    hmmmmm it has been years. I think before our youngest was born, and that would have been 5 years ago.

  2. Brandi Kirkwood says:

    About seven years

  3. Unfortunately, it has been a couple of months.

  4. Sara Logan says:

    It has been a couple of months!!

  5. I am always reading. I have three kids and one on the way, but we all love to read so we make it a priority. I read at night before bed, both children’s book to the kids and my own book in bed. I just started a new book last night.

  6. Last month! Have to love the college life!! :)

  7. 13 years ago.

  8. jessica mcgregor says:

    a year since my son was born

  9. Paula Gillespie says:

    Just this past week.

  10. Jennifer Casto Martinez says:

    before my son was born. 7 years ago.

  11. Lynn vander Meer says:

    last night…I am not only an avid reader but an insomniac :)

  12. Nicole G. says:

    Working on a book right now, I should be finished tomorrow! :)

  13. I had never read Wuthering Heights and my daughter said I should so I’ve been reading it for about 3 wks only a quarter through.

  14. Annalisa Linder says:

    It was about two weeks ago that I read “Iam half sick of Shadows” by Alan Bradley. Very fun book

  15. Carol ONeil says:

    A very long time, I always have to renew and then I end up having to take the book back to the Library and never got to finish it! :(

  16. Cristy Perkins says:

    A week ago

  17. Yesterday

  18. I always find time for reading…bedtime is great–helps me to nod off. :o )

  19. Questons from Earth Answers from Heaven by Char Margolis I’m actually 3/4th way through it so it’s very interesting I keep it by my computer.

  20. Rose Wilson says:

    I just read a book last week.

  21. about 3 months ago i love stephen king!!!!!!

  22. Cammie C. says:

    Probably about a month ago.

  23. jennifer dodson says:

    hope to win would be a great bday gift..

  24. About 2 years!

  25. Not lately

  26. cindi klemm says:

    Read a book cover to cover yesterday – twins are home with fevers!

  27. About 3 months ago

  28. Donna Evans says:

    I read on the average of 5 books a week. Love to read.

  29. Leah Soucy says:

    I’m reading a book now & before that I read the Twilight books. My son LOVES to read & I would give this to him if I won one. He would love it.

  30. About 2 months

  31. Kathy Murray says:

    Read a book about one month ago. not much room for books where I live

  32. JoAnn F. says:

    About 10 years ago!
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  33. Robyn Smith says:

    Last month during Spring Break. =)

  34. Tammy Owens/ Botzon says:

    Six months ago

  35. it has been over a year, on my books, but every week on my kids school books

  36. Margaret Davis says:

    It’s been so long I don’t remember, but it’s been YEARS!

  37. Karigold says:

    I am a huge reader; stuck at home with an illness right now so I am reading almost a book a day! My parents instilled the importance of reading at a very early age. I had a library card at 4!

  38. Julie M;yers says:

    Just read my grandson a story last week….cover to cover. It was a board book. Does that count? : )

  39. Karla Hynes says:

    It’s been 2 years or so since I read a book for myself. I read to my kids everyday :)

  40. Bobbi Manor says:


  41. Sheri Williams says:

    The last time I read a book cover to cover was last summer. I am a teacher and am required to read so much during the school year for work; I have very little time or am too tired to read for pleasure.

  42. Krys Lovitt says:

    It was about a month ago on my kindle app on my laptop… unfortunately, despite loving the app, it is hard to take it with me to work… would LOVE a kindle so I could take it with me where ever I go so I can read all I want to!!!

  43. Jennifer Metz says:

    I actually just finished a book yesterday, LOVE LOVE LOVE to read!

  44. Just finished the Hunger Games Trilogy a couple of days ago and almost done with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I love reading.

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